Buyers Bill of Rights

As a buyer you too have rights when purchasing Real Estate.  These include the right...                                                                                              1.To be informed about every property that is listed for sale;                                                                                    Listing agents often have a financial incentive to direct you towards their own listings or the listings of others in their office.  They will probably become a dual-agent under these circumstances, trying to represent both buyer and seller at the same time.  This can be perfectly legal in California.  But do you believe they can truly represent both parties at the same time?  You won't know for sure.  I'm not so sure they could or would in many cases I've seen. There have been many situations where the seller's agent convinced a seller to sell when the buyer is being represented by the same office without giving property full and adequate market exposure on the Multiple Listing Service.  A good reason why you need Bill Polsley, The Buyers Advocate, to represent you. 

2.  To have your own personal representative;
As a buyer you need a broker who will aggressively pursue your interests.  Did you know that as a Buyers Broker, I have a legal obligation to get the best price and terms for you the buyer, while those representing a seller have a legal obligation to get you to pay the highest price possible?  As a buyer you need Bill Polsley, to represent only you! 

3.  To be provided first class service;

We all have priorities in everything we do.  Some Real Estate agents make accumulating more listings a priority over serving buyers.  They are busy holding open houses, doing marketing for sellers, etc.  Most of the high volume agents whose faces we often see on local listing signs use underlings or beginners to work with buyers.  As a result some buyers complain they feel relegated to second class in their search to find the best area and home.  I specialize is assisting Buyers, so you are my main priority.  I also only work with a few Buyers at a time, so I can provide attention to your situation.  Further, I am not at a point in life where I am driven to make tons of money.  Like many top Buyers Agents across the country, I get the most fulfillment from being a genuine help to my Buyer clients.  I have developed a process that specifically caters to your needs and I guarantee to give you all the information and attention you deserve.  You will never be second class when Bill Polsley, The Buyers Advocate, represents you?

I specialize in Buyer Representation.  I will aggressively represent only your interests.  I will expose you to all property on the market including FSBOs, etc., help you pick which East Bay community to live in and save you money.  I pledge to provide you with unsurpassed personalized service with the highest degree of integrity.  Call today to learn how my innovative approach to Real Estate can help you. 

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Bill Polsley                
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