Why should we use Bill Polsley as our agent?


Here are 20 Reasons to Consider:

1. Buyer' s representative.  My focus is on helping Buyers.  Its what I specialize in.  Its what I like to do most.  I've spent years getting training and gaining experience in this particular field.  I am continuously looking for ways to better help The Buyer in finding the right home for the best price.  Providing top service to you is my top priority!

2. A plan for handling Buyer's needs.  I have developed a comprehensive set of plans for helping you as a Buyer.  Contact me directly and/or read some of the other pages in this site for specific information about how I can help you more than other agents.

3. "The Clutch".  I define "The Clutch" as the time between when you decide to make an offer and the time it is negotiated and accepted.  This is a crucial part of the overall purchase.  During this phase a buyer can become commited to overpaying or can lose any chance of getting the deal.  So much depends on the skill, knowledge and competency of the agent. I am an expert in helping you determine how much to offer, what concessions to put into the offer, and in packaging and presenting the offer.  Because I specialize in helping Buyers and am a consistent Top Producer, I am best equipped to guide you successfully through this phase!

4. Relocating? Use a "Regional Specialist"; as opposed to using a "Neighborhood Specialist".  Listing agents often "farm" a particular neighborhood or subdivision.  They are very familiar with details relating to that specific location.  They become "Neighborhood Specialists".  As a Buyers Broker my speciality is kind of the opposite; I work over a broader geographic area, helping relocating Buyers determine which community would work best for them.  I can advise you about buying in any number of East Bay communities, from Berkeley to Livermore and from Fremont to Benicia.  For relocatees, this is a key advantage! 

5. Highly familiar with the East Bay area.  I have been a student of the East Bay real estate market for many years.  I have lived here and owned investment property and homes in the East Bay for over 30 years.  I have assisted Buyers in most towns in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  I have studied school performance and watched each community change.  I have carefully and continually analyzed investment potential in East Bay cities.

6. Real Estate business owner and operator.  I am what is called "the designated broker" in my company.  That means I am the "Go To" person in our organization when it comes to dealing with escalating conflicts, contractual problems, agent education and other related issues.  My position in dealing with these issues leverages my understanding of the market and contracts and makes me a better representative for you!

7. Mortgages and Inspections.  I have experience working with several lenders and will assist you in finding and choosing lenders to get bids from and subsequently reviewing their proposals.  I am very familiar with area inspection companies and will offer suggestions as to which inspections to consider making and  who to use.  After you decide, I will coordinate and schedule each inspection.

8. Experience.  Weather you are in the market to buy a luxury estate or you are a first time home buyer with a limited budget I have the experience you need.  I obtained my Real Estate Broker's license 30 years ago and have worked full time in the Real Estate field for over 30 years.  I have been extensively involved in all aspects of real estate, including investments, land development, new homes, spec. construction, handling multimillion dollar estate transactions for celebrities, brokering commercial and industrial property, etc. 

9. Investment Counseling and Income Tax aspects of Real Estate.  Much of the counseling that I provide to Buyers relates to taxes and the investment aspect of ownership. I have owned several investment properties in and outside the area.  I am highly familiar with all aspects of real estate investment and taxation.  I have experience with Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.  I understand how to avoid taxation on the sale of personal residences and investment properties.  I can advise you on transferring your property tax to your next property as provided by Props. 58 and 60.

10. Limited number of clients.  There can be times when I am unable to add new Buyer clients, though this does not occur often.  Helping Buyers takes a-lot of time.  I only work with a limited number of Buyers at a time in order to provide top level service.  I work with you personally; I do not turn you over to less experienced staff support.  Every step of each transaction is handled by me personally.   This limits the amount of volume that I can handle and thus limits my income.  That is ok, as I am not highly motivated to make more and more money - instead I get a lot of satisfaction from helping you find the best home in the right area for the best price!           

11. Top Producer.  Though I work with a limited number of clients, I have been able to consistently close between 10 and 20 million per year in sales.  I get lots of practice writing offers and that helps me do a better job for Buyers!

12. Hard working and available.  Besides the regular work week, I am also available to help you on your schedule.  I am usually available all day on Saturdays or on Sunday afternoons.  You can always reach me on my cell phone unless I happen to be tied up.  You do not have to deal with my assistants to reach me, call direct!  I work long hours to help you.  If it is necessary to work into the night during contract related negotiations I'll be there working for you.

13. Satisfied clients.  I can provide many endorsements from clients who were amazed at the amount of counseling, transfer of knowledge and information they received from me during their buying process.  My client satisfaction rating is among the highest possible.  Many transactions have difficult problems that crop up and must be resolved.  Many Buyers never expected the degree of complexity and difficulty that developed in their transaction.  When its all over they are very thankful that they worked with someone as well trained, knowledgable, experienced and honest as me.

14. Competence.  I am a Broker, not just an agent.  Generally you are better off working with a Broker due to the increased training and experience required to obtain a Broker's license.  My training, business owerships, investments, years of experience and focus on helping many Buyers, equip me to be highly competent as I assist you!

15.  Honesty, integrity and ethics.  These attributes are of utmost importance to me.  I will not lie.  What you hear from me will be the truth and my open and honest opinions.  My deep Christian beliefs and convictions motivate me highly in this area.  Every agent and broker in my company is required to become a member of the Local Board of Realtors, The California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.  Only members of these organizations are allowed to use the term "Realtor" in their advertising and they must adhere to a higher code of ethics than regular real estate agents.       

16. I seek referrals.  During the past few years almost all of my business has came from referrals.  It is great to work with my clients' friends, work associates or family members when they have been told by my client about the positive experience they had working with me.  Since this is my main source of business, it is vitally important for me to provide world class service to you.  This further motivates me to please and impress you throughout the buying process! 

17.  Personal reputation among other area agents.  It is very important that other agents in the area have a positive feeling about working with your agent.  I am careful not to burn bridges.  Reputation and presentation can really make a difference when a listing agent feels I will be outstanding to work with.  I have landed many deals for clients when there were multiple offers because the other agent liked me and my presentation.

18.  Company reputation - Buyers Brokers Realty.  I started this company in 1993 in Walnut Creek.  I have always worked diligently to develop a top reputation among other agents.  Every person that we hire to work in our organization is very carefully screened so that everyone in the company is combatable and has top integrity.  My company is considered by other area agents to be an agency that employees quality people and exhibits top professionalism and integrity.

19. Friendly; applies courtesy.  People like me.  I am an engaging and likable person.  If you are looking for a "junk yard dog" type agent then I'm not the one for you.  But though I am friendly and easy to get along with, I also know how to be forceful when required, without being obnoxious.  I get my way through the use of  intelligent reason, not force.

20. Education.  My college training and background is in engineering, management  and business.  In addition I have completed many, many college real estate courses.  I have successfully completed six in depth MAI advanced appraisal theory and practice courses given the The Appraisal Institute.  I have taken numerous negotiation courses over the years as well as countless speciality real estate courses.

  I would love to speak to you. To reach me, call any time to my cell phone at:   925.872.7498 

Bill Polsley                
The Buyers Advocate
Founder - Broker - Owner