Why Use a Buyers Agent or Broker? 

To find a home, Buyers usually either seek to find listings on web sites such as Red Fin, Zip Realty, by looking in the newspaper, seeing a sign, or simply doing "drive-bys".  Buyers may then call the Realtor who's name is on the sign or in the ad.  Buyers often assume that the listing agent is the best to deal with since (1) they know the property and (2) they may be willing to lower their commission if they act as a dual agent to represent or try to represent both the seller and buyer.

BEWARE:  There is a problem!  The agent you would be dealing with is the agent of the seller, and is legally required to get the best price and terms for the seller, not you!  The listing agent or any agent in the listing agent's office cannot legally tell you any information about the seller or the seller's motives.  They also cannot legally provide you with a comparative market analysis to aid in valuing the property.  Also, since they have a vested interest, they are not likely to tell you about other properties that may be superior to their listing.  You are really on your own.

Sellers have agents....Buyers should too!
When you have a Buyers Broker working to represent you, he or she can spend the time and effort necessary to truly learn and understand what your wants and needs are.  Your personal Buyers Broker will be better equipped to search out properties that most closely meet your needs, thereby saving you considerable time, aggravation and money.

In addition, a Buyers Broker will be better able to advise you about any negative factors as well as the positive points of a property that you may be considering.  Your agent will be on your side only!  Every action that is recommended or taken is done to put you in the very best position and give you the best advantage.

When you are ready to "zero in" and make a purchase, you need a dedicated, experienced Buyers Broker working with you.  Someone who will only be on "your side" and will work very hard not only to help you find the best property, but also to protect your best interests before, during and even after the sale has been made.

Who is working for Who?
"Caveat Emptor"   Let the Buyer Beware!
   "The simple truth is that unless you actually have a Buyers Broker as your buyers agent, the agent you use may not legally be representing your best interests."
Buyers Agency is relatively new.  Not long ago, ALL residential real estate agents legally represented the home seller - NOT the buyer.  Even the agent who helped the buyer find the home and who did the negotiating actually worked for the seller. Use your own personal advocate; a Buyers Broker and avoid the pitfalls.

Sellers Have Agents - Buyers Should Too!
If you are faced with a serious legal situation, you want the best lawyer representing you, right?  Likewise, when you are purchasing something as valuable and important as a home, you want someone who can protect your best interests.  That's the benefit of Buyer Agency.  With this type arrangement, an advocate will be representing only your interests.

A Buyer's Agent owes certain duties to their home buyer, such as care, confidentiality, full disclosure and accurate accounting.  Your Buyers Broker will also show you all available homes, point out the property's features (good and bad), provide financing information and submit the offer to purchase.  And there's more.  As your representative, your Buyers Broker will also share valuable and essential information with you if he or she knows it, such as:

  • Whether the seller would accept a lower price
  • The seller's motivation for selling and timetable
  • How long the home has been on the market
  • Area/neighborhood and school relative advantages or disadvantages
  • Previous offers and counteroffers for the property
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the property
  • Motivation of the seller
  • Reputation of listing agent
  • Market trends
  • Information about property taxes and income tax ramifications of the deal
  • The home's current tax assessment

Most of these items cannot be legally divulged to you by the listing agent or any agent from his or her office!

Most importantly, you can ask your Buyers Broker for advice and assistance in setting your offer price and structuring other terms of your offer.  And you'll have peace of mind knowing that he or she is working as your advocate; totally on your behalf to help you buy the best property on the best possible terms.

With your own Buyers Broker the entire house hunting and purchase process will change for the better.

Sellers Have Agents...Buyers Should to!

Rather than it being necessary for you to listen to the salesperson at each house you see and experience that salesperson trying to sell you on how great a home or what a good buy it is or hearing "you should write an offer today", a Buyers Broker will really listen to you and help you find properties that more closely match your wants and needs.  Sometimes Buyers end up buying several miles away from where they first started looking.  We have seen Berkeley Buyers end up in Lafayette and Clayton Buyers end up in Livermore.  Your Buyers Broker can advise you about choosing one town over another.

Your personal Buyers Broker will also assist in seeing that you secure the most favorable financing available.  The rates you are being quoted will be checked and verified to be sure they are among the lowest possible.  He or she can explain the loan process and steer you to programs you may not know about, based on the Buyers Broker's experience.  YOUR interests will be protected during every single step along the way.

We will help you find the best home and related inspectors; people yu can trust for good advice.  Your Buyers Broker is better able to advise you about any negative factors as well as the positive points of a property that you may be considering.  Your agent will always be on your side.  Every action that is recommended or taken is done to put you in the very best position and to give you the best advantage.

This valuable service is FREE.  Why wouldn't you want to use your own personal Buyers Broker?

So why not choose to use a Buyers Broker now?  And please consider using me.  You can click here to learn 20 reasons why you should use me.  I would love to hear from you and meet with you to explain more!    

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